Creating a Job Application


Step 1: Register

Please register to begin the application process. Click on the word Register on left Navigation Bar. Enter the information into the fields and click the Register Button.

How to Register Video Tutorial 

Step 2:  Creating an Application

Once you have registered, please go to the My Application on the left Navigation Bar. Select which application type you will be completing and click Save and Continue. Complete all the sections of the application by clicking Validate, Save, and Continue.

Create an Application Video Tutorial

Step 3: Apply for Specific Job Posting:

After completing all required information within your application, you will be able to apply for specific positions of interest.

Simply view the available Job Opportunities on the left navagation bar to apply to the postings of interest.

Select the Job Posting you want to apply for and click the word Apply.  You may be ask for additional information.

Apply for Specific Job Posting

If you have already registered with another participating district and want to be a candidate within the Levittown Central Public Schools, select Levittown Central Public Schools from the list of participating districts available on Applicant Dashboard.  Note, you will not be able to select any districts until you have fully completed at least one Application Type.

The Applicant Dashboard also allows you to view jobs that you have applied to, jobs you are interested in (selected apply but did not complete the application process), and the status of your application(s).